Si Klopp Cosmetic Clinic can create you a personal ‘Cycloped’ image of a person or animal to use on Social Media and any print material.

If you have not already, please ORDER this service from Then fill in the details in the form and send us your image.


  • Be in landscape mode (e.g. width is longer than the height)
  • Have the person/animal facing forward, square on to the camera
  • Have nothing covering either eye (e.g. hair or glasses etc.)
  • Be good enough quality to use in print. A camera phone image will be fine.

    Terms and Conditions – By purchasing this product and sending your image to us here at R and Q/Si Klopp to be digitally altered you agree that, should we choose, the original and photoshopped image can be used on our online platforms and any future printed material we create. So please be 100% sure you have the rights and permission to allow the image to be used by Mark Baker, R and Q and Si Klopp.

    If the image you send is not appropriate to use we will let you know and request a different image. This will slow down the process, so please be sure it matches the image requirements.

    Your privacy is important to us. Your email address will not be used or shared by us in any way. It will not appear on our website or in any of our printed materials.