Dr Von EyidDr Von Eyid Cycloped


Dr. Von Eyid’s chance meeting with a newly inspired Professor Klopp was a synergy that worked perfectly to change the world of cosmetic surgery forever.

Bored with the mundanity of the tummy tucks and facelifts of cosmetic surgery, Von had chosen to work in a morgue. There he could make the clients look their best for their final earthly journey. He preferred this because it was less hassle and in a way that enabled him to experiment with new methods. After all, the outcome always had to be exteriorly good looking and the hidden structure was not as important.

The resonance that the new partnership between Simone and himself created was almost perfect and enabled Von to become even more creative in his methods to make their goal a reality. What worked best for Von was that Professor Klopp was happy to be the person who presented the ideas and he can do what he loves best in creating amazing cosmetic surgical feats.

Von is a self-proclaimed introvert and loves to create and you are much more likely to see him with his head in philosophical, medical or factual books than you are at any party or award ceremonies in the LA area.


This 4 step overview sharing how we perform the patented ‘Cycloped’ Eye Reduction Surgery belies the complexity of this procedure.

Cycloped Step 1


Professionally and delicately each eye is removed from the face.

Cycloped Step 2


One eye is safely stored whilst the other is soaked in our patented ‘Cycloped’ fluid to enable the eye to expand in size.

Cycloped Step 3


With the perfect mix of strength, gentleness and art we resculpt the face.

Cycloped Step 4


The resized eye is reconnected with precision and tested to ensure optimal vision.


If you love this site and are interested in our fictional cosmetic work, this book is for you.

It shares how Professor Si Klopp and her assistant came up with the idea to develop this pretend patented ‘Cycloped’ procedure. It shares the mock-ups of the work we have pretended to do. Additionally, this book predicts the next step in the evolution of having one eye.

Have you ever wondered:

  • If little cyclopic creatures live around us?
  • What humans or animals would look like as everyday cyclops?
  • What happens if a cyclops has a poorly eye?
  • If you can be in future ‘Cycloped’ books?

Well, wonder no more, this book answers those questions just for you.