Cycloped - Tai Phango

Tai Phango – Cycloped

A famous Californian Zoo asked us to assist in the recuperation and rescue of a new arrival.

Tai Phango, the leopard, had been saved from a trap in the jungle. It was then noticed that he had lost an eye in his struggle to escape. Unfortunately, releasing Tai back into the wilderness would have meant almost certain death for him, especially with a wounded leg.

The decision was made for him to be sent to a Zoo in American where it was hoped he could get the treatment he so very much needed. After his initial inspection, it was concluded that only the ‘Cycloped’ Eye Reduction surgical procedure could work.

Professor Klopp and Dr Von Eyid both volunteered their time and expertise to help save Tai’s life.

Tai is now living a very contented life in his enclosure and if he could say so, we imagine he would be very grateful to the surgeons for saving his life.

Cycloped - Tai PhangoBefore - Tai Phango

Markus has been the creative force behind Si Klopp since its inception.

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