Cycloped - Zach Blessed

Zach Blessed – Cycloped

Zach’s life was spiralling out of control, with most of his earnings being spent on drugs and alcohol.

After reading the inspiring life story of our founder Simone Klopp, Mr Blessed decided that he would change his focus from ‘scoring a new fix’ to a new aim. By moving his attention to saving the money he would have otherwise spent on booze and pills. He knew that once he had saved not just his money, but also his life, he would invest it in ‘Cycloped’ Eye Reduction Surgery.

And that is exactly what he did.

Professor Simone Klopp commented that

Zach was an inspiration to many people who want to turn their life around. At times I know our ‘Cycloped’ Eye Reduction Surgery has been directly responsible for saving someones life but this is the first time I have ever heard of it being indirectly a lifesaver.

His surgery was performed by Dr Von Eyid.

Cycloped - Zach BlessedBefore - Zach Blessed

Markus has been the creative force behind Si Klopp since its inception.

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