Cycloped - Jacob Schnapp

Jacob Schnapp – Cycloped

As you can see from Jacob’s face, he is shocked and ecstatic with his new look.

It was not just Jacob who was chuffed to bits, his parents now could now let out a huge sigh of relief. Their son had a rare illness that required gentle pressure to be pushed against the front of his brain.

It turned out that the Cycloped Eye Reduction Surgery was perfect to keep this pressure.

The surgery was such a success that all of Jacob’s seizures and random losses of consciousness have now stopped.

Jacob lives a very full life like no one imagined he would have been able to do so.

His surgery was performed by Professor Simone Klopp.

Cycloped - Jacob SchnappBefore - Jacob Schnapp

Markus has been the creative force behind Si Klopp since its inception.

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